About Us

Our Story

Royal Thai has been serving Authentic Thai cuisine to its Customers for 22 years since January 10, 1999 A.D. (Poush 10, 2055 B.S.) which started from a Single Restaurant at New Baneshower, Katmandu to Multiple outlets all around the Valley. Since then we have had the opportunity to Participate in different festive events and have been awarded with multiple Awards. But like all Business, we have had our share of ups and downs in the past years where we had to face different movements, strikes and the latest – lockdown to control covid19. Likewise, until recently, Thai food was not in many people’s interest. However, we have had our share of National, as well as International loyal Customers to whom we are deeply grateful.


Take a break from the crowds in our Royal Thai. We make sure that you are offered delicious cuisine to make your time with us valuable and enjoyable.

Warm and Welcoming Ambiance

We focus to make everyone who walks into Royal Thai feel at ease and find their own personal space.


We aim to help you make your special day even more special with the best quality of food, service and venue that our customers deserve.

Our Specialties

We are well-known for our authentic Thai cuisine, as well as our event venue and seminar hall.


With a capacity of 2500, we provide you a palace theme Banquet Hall with choice of 2 stages(higher and lower).


With a capacity of 150 people, we provide two Palace theme seminar hall.​

Considering Health as a First Priority

Royal Thai Hospitality emphasizes the fact that for a healthy body, you need healthy food. And for healthy food, you need healthy ingredients. We have our own production of healthy organic vegetables to serve our customers with tasty, as well as healthy food because your health is important to us.

Farm Location: Sagha, Bhaktapur, Nepal

C.E.O. Leader of the year Award 2018 A.D.

Mr. Dhakal accepting CEO leader of the year award in 2018 A.D. His outstanding work of representing Thailand in Nepal gave him an opportunity to represent Nepal in Thailand.

Marterchef Nepal Judge Award (2015, 2016, 2017) A.D.

Mr. Dhakal Accepting award for as a Judge of Masterchef Nepal in 2017. He was the judge for 3 years in 2015, 2016, and 2017 A.D.

International Food Festival Award 2006 A.D.

Mr. Dhakal Accepting award for International Food Festival by representing Thai Restaurant from Nepal in 2006 A.D.

Thai Food Event 2008 A.D.

Mr. Dhakal welcoming The Thai Ambassador In Royal Thai Hospitality for a Thai Food event.